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Our Services

Facade cleaning and maintenance is an essential aspect of protecting buildings, business and investment. SkyPro Ghana limited offers cleaning solution for building owners, building management companies, commercial companies as well as designers and architects. Our approach helps to ensure that modern building materials maintain their original design quality, look and that it lasts as long as the expected life cycle of the building.

SkyPro has had many success stories, cleaning and restoring buildings which were otherwise deemed impossible to service without putting up expensive scaffolding. In every building we look for the opportunity to add more value by creating an improved external cleaning and maintenance culture.  SkyPro has pioneered the development of a unique automated building and window cleaning system that delivers superior service.

Our cleaning system offers the following unique benefits:-

  • Speed – Cleans in a fraction of the time, reducing any disturbance to your business
  • Cost – No expensive scaffolding costs
  • Convenience – Your building can continue to function normally, no loss of revenue
  • Environmentally Friendly – no chemicals required.
  • Effectiveness – Our system will remove any accumulated dirt and pollution tarnishing the appearance of the building
  • Sensitive – Mild and non-abrasive, will not damage the fabric of your building
  • By using filtered, ultra-pure water, our machines will leave windows and exteriors “spot free” and a smooth polished finished.

For most of our clients the key driving factor in cleaning their building is perception. The outside of a building can be the first impression an individual has of a business or its operations.

Selective cleaning alone is not sufficient to prevent the deterioration of the building envelope because the build-up of organic matter can also create a problem on other features, so applying a cleaning solution that incorporates the features of the building can help avoid massive repairs bills.

Regardless of the factors influencing decisions concerning building & maintenance, one thing remains absolutely clear – deterioration happens; this is why good value can only come from preventing unnecessary renovation and repair.

Our cleaning services are bespoke and tailored to an individual building.  We work with clients to design a value for money, cost effective solution for their facade cleaning and maintenance. SkyPro is all about providing proactive, not reactive solutions.

We have the experience, advance technology and specialist knowledge in this field. Our expertise ensures that all cleaning contracts are carried out in safe and environmentally friendly manner.

As part of our services we also offer a post construction cleaning and would welcome the opportunity to quote for you.

SkyPro Access Systems consist of a variety of technical solutions based on lightweight and aesthetically pleasing aluminium structures including monorails, suspended platforms, traversing ladders and gantries and a number of specially designed systems. Products are available in manual or motorised versions.

We design, supply and install access solutions that cover all the necessary maintenance needs of your building. In each case, the result is a user-friendly and based on proven components and application that are customized to individual building. The streamline design forms an integrated part of the architecture.

We have access equipment’s for rental. Contact us to for more information.

  • Cradle: – for 2 persons, equipped with two hoists and wire winders set on each end of the cradle. The steel/ aluminium structure makes it strong and light. Cradle can be used to perform a wide range of maintenance task on the exterior of a building. Platform length 2meters, working load limit 400kg, accompanied by roof outrigger with 30 pieces of counter weights. Daily rate charges apply.


  • Hydraulic Lifting Platform:-. Designed and made with hydraulic parts, high strength manganese steel structure. This system can be widely used in installation, maintenance, decoration and other high-altitude work including up and down transportation in multi-layered workshops or storerooms. There are a multitude of applications for this product. A 240 volt three phase outlet with adequate amperage is required.

Features includes:-

High Strength manganese steel structure,

Anti-Fall, overload safety protection, low voltage system operation.

Convenientup and down optional button operation


  • Aluminium Mobile scaffold: – This easy to assemble and negative mobile scaffold can be used for commercial and domestic purposes. It is highly efficient in its functionality. Tower height is up to 9ft, working load 200kg. Features include no-slip platforms, weather/ water resistant, strong & sturdy stabilizers, no risk of injury from sharp edges, built in ladder.  Application: Installation of equipment or fittings at high levels, Construction work, Maintenance, repairs & inspection work for ceiling, high walls, or building facades.

SkyPro consumables are manufactured by Sucitesa Limited; manufacturers of chemicals for professional hygiene and maintenance use. The company has over 30 years of experience in the field.  All the products are manufactured and packaged in Europe for SkyPro Ghana Limited.  Product range are:

  • Pro Floor (Floor cleaner)
  • Pro Carpet (Carpet Cleaner
  • Pro Freshener (Air Freshener)
  • Pro Deskal (Lime scale cleaner)
  • Pro Sanitizer (Sanitizer for surfaces)
  • Glass Pro (Glass / Window cleaner)
  • Pro Freshener Maxi (Air freshener for public WC)
  • Pro WC (Descale for WC)
  • Pro Multi Surface (Multi Surface cleaner)

All products can be used in the following establishments: homes, offices, hotels, retail complex, schools, hospitals, gyms